Research shows that great curb appeal can grow a home’s value; we all admire neat lawns, mulched flowerbeds, and well-trimmed shrubbery. While we can all appreciate the beauty of a well-kept garden, not all homeowners have the time, ability, or interest to be “plant managers;” this is precisely why so many area homeowners choose Landscapes Unlimited!

At Landscapes Unlimited, we have the experience, knowledge, and a professional, courteous staff to get the job done for you. We will tailor our services to suit your needs, and will get the job done with the kind of skilled attention that you expect to be paid to such an important investment. 

Some of our services include:

  • Mowing: Trimming/Edging/Debris
  • Integrated Pest Management (I.P.M.) Programs
  • Lawn Care: Seeding/Weed Control/Fertilization/Disease Treatment and Prevention
  • Tree and Shrub Care and Weeding of Beds
  • Pruning: Maintain/Perennial/Structural/Rejuvenation
  • Mulching: Pine Straw/Mulch/Edging Beds
  • Flowers: Annual Beds Management/Seasonal Installations/Containers