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Sizes Available to Seat 4-20 Adults

Tornado Facts

Approaching tornadoes have a loud roar similar to a freight train. A tornado can last for more than 1 hour and produce winds and speeds of over 300 MPH. The most powerful tornadoes occur in the United States. A Tornado can occur at any time, but most often between 3pm and 9pm. Tornadoes have been reported in every state in the US and also in every season.

Standard Features

Life Saver storm Shelters can withstand 17,000 pounds per inch. All shelters exceed FEMA standards and (NSSA) National Storm Shelter Association. All shelters are constructed of heavy duty fiberglass. Our water tight door seal ensures no leaks. Composite flooring that will not rot or rust means durability and protection that lasts. Shelters meet or exceed FEMA 320 specifications.

Every family deserves a strong, safe place to go when severe weather strikes!


    Below Prices Include

  • Delivery and installation of unit
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Stainless steel multi point door locking system
  • Gas struts for easy door opening
  • Screened vents to keep pests out
  • Carpeted and fiberglass non-skid steps
  • Shelter is registered with your local EMS-911 service
Price does NOT include hauling off extra dirt or sales tax


4 four person man tornado storm shelter

4 person storm shelter

With seating capacity up to four adults, this shelter is compact yet roomy and was built for places where space is an issue. The Storm-Tek LS4 is priced and sized perfectly for a couple or small family.
Inside dimensions measure 4' long by 5' wide by 5'3" tall - 550 lbs.


6 six person man tornado storm shelter

 6 person storm shelter

Our Storm-Tek LS6 is designed to comfortably seat up to six adults. With its convenient size and affordable pricing, this is an ideal shelter for the family on a budget.
Inside dimension measure 7' long by 5' wide by 5'3" tall - 750 lbs.


10 ten person man tornado storm shelter

10 person storm shelter

With comfortable seating up to 10 adults, this shelter is an excellent choice for a large family. The Storm-Tek LS10 was selected by the U.S. Military and installed at base housing areas to protect the families of our men and women serving in the armed forces.
Inside dimensions measure 6'6" wide by 8'6" long by 6'1" tall - 1100 lbs.


12 twelve person man tornado storm shelter

12 person storm shelter

With seating up to 12 adults, this popular model is a variation of the LS10 but with the stairs located at the end of the unit allowing more seating and free floor space.
Inside dimensions measure 6'6" wide by 8'6" long by 6' 3" tall - 1250 lbs.


20  twenty person man tornado storm shelter

20 person storm shelter

Our largest shelter is able to comfortably accommodate up to 20 adults. This model is an excellent choice for large families, day care centers and small businesses with less than 20 employees.
Inside dimensions are 6'6" wide by 14'9" long by 6'3" tall - 2250 lbs.


Every Family Deserves a Strong, Safe Place to go When Severe Weather Strikes!

Landscapes Unlimited has been serving the Southeast for over 10 years. We install storm shelters in the entire Southeast region. We serve Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Alabama.

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