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About Landscapes Unlimited—from Root to Bloom!

Friendly, informal, professional, supportive, responsive, honest and personal. Our employees work hard to listen, learn and respond to your requirements.


Landscapes Unlimited is a full-service landscaping firm that believes in environmental improvement through professional landscape practices. Our root values form a strong foundation on which the company can build future growth, customer retention, and environmental improvement. We look forward to a sunny future together with our loyal customers.


Landscapes Unlimited seed was first planted in 2000 when founder Shannon Johnston and Jay Croch opened for business. Shannon and Jay began with a simple philosophy: to provide quality landscaping services with excellent customer service and flexibility. This philosophy, rooted in the idea that there are no one-size-fits-all solutions in the landscaping business, has kept Landscapes Unlimited growing for the past 10 years.

Green Practices:

Landscapes Unlimited cares for the environment and actively seeks to incorporate eco-friendly practices whenever available and possible. This year, we will recycle hundreds of plastic plant containers, mulch bags and flower flats. Also, all wooden pallets will be reused and kept out of landfills.

We provide the best service at the most competitive pricing, and we believe no one can match the finished product or instill as much value as Landscapes Unlimited can.

At Landscapes Unlimited we love what we do and it grows!

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