Lake Oconee's Premier Landscape Provider

Landscapes Unlimited provides provides residential and commercial landscape and irrigation services for Lake Oconee and the surrounding areas. We can improve your outdoor living areas, from outdoor kitchen designs and living spaces to distintive landscape design.

We design and install custom landscapes, irrigation systems, ponds & water features, outdoor kitchens, retaining walls, hardscapes and Outdoor lighting. Additionally, Landscapes Unlimited has a full range of lawn maintenance and irrigation system service programs available.

Outdoor Kitchens and Living Spaces

Landscapes Unlimited can design and install the outdoor kitchen of your dreams. The extent of your outdoor kitchen is limited only by your creativity and budget.

Irrigation Solutions

Landscapes Unlimited is dedicated to the conservation of water by focusing our responsibility to the environment and our customers. Our goal is to provide the highest quality service by using the most advanced technology to create irrigation packages that conserve substantial amounts of water, thus providing savings for our customers.

Grading & Drainage Solutions

Grading of your property should be the first step prior to any landscape items being installed. Make sure you & your landscaper have a clear understanding of how your property will be graded to direct storm runoff away from property

Synthetic Turf Solutions

Landscapes Unlimited can turn your own backyard into a mini-golf course or a maintenance free lawn surrounding your pool, patio or deck.

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